This game is in development.

The pigs have realized they’ll soon be dinner – it’s time to leave the farm.

They’re going over the fence, but how?… Fly in the rickety old plane from the barn? Strap onto a large extremely dangerous rocket? Have the mule kick them really hard?

Be the first to get your pigs off the farm. Equip them with a vehicle and add other animals to help them fly such as the Ducky Wingman, Falling-with-style Squirrel, or Proficient Platypus.

If the flight score is high enough to overcome the day’s flying conditions, they get to freedom. If the score is too low, they CRASH! And there are consequences.

And if the pigs didn’t have enough to do, cousins of the Big Bad Wolf are prowling around and causing problems. The Huge Heinous Wolf can prevent cards from being the played. The Extensive Evil Wolf can sabotage a vehicle. And the Enormous Expired Wolf can keep a pig from trying to fly.

What comes in the box:

  • Deck of game cards
  • Deck of Vehicle cards
  • Deck of Conditions cards
  • Deck of Crash cards
  • Deck of Wolf cards
  • Pig cards – 18 different pigs to try to save
  • Dice
  • Instructions

Number of Players: 2 – 8

Age of Players: 13+

Game Length: 1 hour
Four people – once everyone knows the game – will take about 1 hour. You play till one person gets both their pigs off the farm. More or less people with increase or decrease the play time as it affects time between each person’s turn.

Skill Level: Low – Medium
There are various card combinations and multiple factors to consider before deciding to fly.