Play online for free – You will need 2 computers/phones/tablets

How to play

There are two roles: Animal Guesser and Noise Maker.
Noise Maker: You will make noises and sounds to represent an animal. Do not use any words. Seriously, NO WORDS. That means when you see the next animal/creature, don’t shout out things like, “I don’t know what sound that makes” or “That’s not a barnyard animal”. Reactions like that give a huge clue to the Guesser and are not allowed.
Guesser: You will pick an animal from a list of ten to try to match the sound made by the Noise Maker. There are five rounds. Good luck. Feel free to laugh at the Noise Maker.

How to Start

Noise Maker: Click to create a new team. And give the Join Code to Guesser.

Guesser: Click to join a team. And enter the Join Code.

Noise Maker: Select New Game at the upper right. Then select a difficulty level. And then click to start.
Easy is best for young kids, at least to start with.
Normal is best for adults or older kids if no one has played the game yet.
Mixed is best once players are familiar with the game.
Hard and Insane are fun, but there is currently a very limited animal group for them.

The Timer has begun. You have 90 seconds to complete 5 animals.
Noise Maker: Make a noise to represent the single animal you see.

Guesser: Click on the animal that you think matches the sound from the Noise Maker. And then select the right arrow to move on to the next animal.

Noise Maker and Guesser: Repeat the process for five animals.
Guesser: If you want to go back and make changes use the arrows. If you are done, select Check Answers.

Noise Maker and Guesser: You will see which animals are correctly matched.

Noise Maker: You can then start a new game.
To switch roles, either switch devices or reload the page and select the opposite player options.