Somewheresville title

This game is in development.

There’s been a zombie outbreak in Somewheresville. …Oops. Now you have to survive till dawn while trying to accomplish your super important task that can’t wait till tomorrow.

Play as the doctor trying to find the cure, the policeman trying to keep his people safe, the nameless guy who is totally going to die, the token female put into horror movies for visual appeal, the high school student desperate to find his phone, and many more.


What comes in the box:

  • Numerous decks of Event cards, one deck for each location
  • Item card deck
  • 14 unique characters to select from
  • Characters tokens
  • Lots and lots of zombie tokens
  • Game Board
  • Dice
  • Instructions

Age of Players: 13+

Game Length: 5 hours
The game is very long due to twelve rounds. Current objectives require the twelve rounds. New objectives are in development to reduce the amount of rounds played and reduce game play to 2-3 hours.

Skill Level: Medium
There are various rules, stats, and actions to keep track of.