This game is in development.

Train your pet to be perfect. Perfect appearance. Perfect physique. Perfect fire breath. And then compete against your friends’ pets. Surely your pet will come out on top – if not, bribe the judges or sabotage your friends.

Start by picking out your favorite pet such as the Pretty Pretty Pony, Conniving Kitty, Feral Fido, Chubby Chipmunk, Tiny T-Rex, Grumpy Grizzly, or Pulchritudinous Panda. Each pet has different strengths and weaknesses for performing in pet competitions. Some have high cuteness, and others are good at speed events or intelligence challenges.

On your turn, “enhance” your pet to change its stats. Plush Fur increases Cuteness. Sabre Teeth increases Fierceness. Third Eye increases Intelligence. Crab Claws increase offense.

For a big boost in stats, permanently modify you pet with a “Volve” card:

  • Magivolve – Bless your creature with magical sparkles and wonderment to make it transform to its next level.
  • Mechavolve – Flesh and blood is fine, if you’re a traditionalist and are stuck in the past. Mechanized parts are the future. And the future is now. Which makes it the present.
  • Radioactivolve – Nothing implies strange and rapid mutation like radioactivity. Give your pet a good dose of it, and there’s no doubt it will soon change form.
  • Taxidermic”volve” – Everyone loves stuffed animals. So a living stuffed animal would be amazing. Replace the gross, gooey innards of your pet with soft, plush fluff for maximum cuteness.

And if your pet simply isn’t good enough to win events, you can always strap weapons to it to and try to eliminate the competition. Grumpy Grizzly armed with Chariot Wheels,  Chainsaw, and Orbital Weapon Uplink is certain to take out anything your rivals have.

What comes in the box:

  • Deck of Pet cards
  • Deck of Trainer cards
  • Deck of Event cards plus reward cards
  • Deck of News cards
  • Deck of Wolf cards
  • Unique animal cards – 16 different animals to pick your personal pet from
  • Tokens for keeping track of points and health
  • Instructions

Number of Players: 4 – 8

Age of Players: 13+

Game Length: 2 hours
Five people – once everyone knows the game – will take about 2 hours. You play six rounds and then the game ends. More or less people with increase or decrease the play time as it affects time between each person’s turn each round.

Skill Level: Medium
There are multiple choices to consider such as building stats to win the next event or building up weapons to attack other pets.