This game is in development.

Heroes, adventurers, and those who are so bored they don’t mind risking their lives, the world needs you! The evil Villain is plotting to take over the world, and only those brave enough to quit their day jobs to go on a grand quest can hope to defeat him.

Select your hero from various races

  • Humans – Why pick a human when other races are available? Because humans are awesome, that’s why.
  • Dwelves – These industrious, noble people spend their days searching for treasures in the forest. The males are tall, dense, and have long beards. The females are beautiful and elegant.}
  • Squirmlings – Small, agile, easily frightened, very fond of cake and other sugary treats. Squirmlings spend most of their days fearing for their lives – and rightly so since many of their kind have been wiped out by what would be trivial circumstances to any other people group. Their societies have managed to survive their ineptitude in survival by their fear giving them a great need for community and cooperation.
  • Reptans – Cold blooded, scaled hides, tail. Reptans enjoy intellectual pursuits and leisure equally. There is no better day for them than to sit in the sun and enjoy a good book.
  • Stalagmans – Covered in spike-like protrusions, rock hard hide, not very sociable. Stalagmans, first named for the similarity of the protrusions in their hide to stalagmites in a cave, are known to be natural loners who depend on no one. However, the reality is their skin makes hugs difficult, and so they live cranky, irritable lives with little socializing. This has resulted in a dwindling of their numbers over the centuries.
  • Foliagets – They resemble humans but made of wood and with leaves sprouting in different areas. They are usually calm and pleasurable to be around, but they become very aggressive when their personal space is invaded. Many birds have died as the result of mistaking a Foliaget for a small tree. Stay away from any Foliagets with termites.
  • Uk-uks – Amorphous blobs of some sort of goo. Uk-uk’s can be revolting to those unacquainted with them, but many people come to enjoy their company. An Uk-uk that has drunk its volume in ale will be the life of any party.


Randomly select a proud and noble profession for your hero

  • Knight of the Realm – start with a better fighting stat
  • Blacksmith – start with extra gear
  • Magician – start with an extra power
  • Used Horse Salesman – bonus to negotiating, penalty to charm
  • Mobster – start with extra gold and a bonus to intimidation
  • Therapist – bonus to hugs
  • Aerobics Instructor – start with exercise equipment
  • Definitely not a Hero – various penalties but a bonus to fleeing
  • And many more!


Equip yourself with the best gear and powers available

AC02   AC03


Fight and (hopefully) defeat sinister and deadly foes and monsters

  • Robotic Dirty Sheriff – They wanted a robot with the ability to judge right and wrong, so they stuck a cop’s brain in it. Unfortunately, it was a corrupt cop.


  • Two-headed Three-clawed Kreknit – Extra luminous, scaly, lightningy crustacean all wrapped up into one convenient, huge package.


  • Bjakt – A strange two-mouthed furry creature that seems to always be hungry.


What comes in the box:

  • Numerous decks of cards – weapons, gear, monsters, locations, villain powers, and more
  • Event cards
  • 14 unique heroes to pick from
  • Game map pieces
  • Dice
  • Instructions

Number of Players: 3 – 8

Age of Players: 13+

Game Length: 3 hours
This is a longer game, composed of many events and combat, and ending with a showdown between the Villain and the Heroes. Game length can vary.

Skill Level: Medium
This is a complex game with many rules. However, in each scenario, the rules are limited. After playing through the game once or twice, players should have a good understanding of the game.